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Dr David Bain

Dr David Bain

Reader in Philosophy



David Bain is a philosopher at the University of Glasgow. Before coming to Glasgow in 2004, he taught at Oxford, Bristol, and Nottingham universities after taking his BA and DPhil at Oxford, either side of an MA at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Joint Principal Investigator of two large grant-funded projects—the Pain Project (2012-13) and the Value of Suffering project (2013-16)— his recent work focuses on pain, suffering, and affective experience more generally, on which has published a number of papers. Bain has also been active in popularising philosophy, making it accessible and engaging to non-specialists.

Research and Teaching Interests

A philosopher with a particular interest in interoceptive perception (by which each of is aware of his or her own body “from the inside”), I have focused in recent research on physical pain and, more generally, affective experiences (experiences that feel pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad).

I am especially interested in the relationship between physical pain and four fundamental themes: consciousness, rationality, normativity, and representation.

Unpleasantness and pleasure—their moral, rational, and motivational significance—interest me in other cases too, e.g. smell, taste, touch, and our emotional lives.



Teaching Materials:


  • College of Arts, School of Humanities